Any business leader worth their salt will want to protect themselves at every step of the way. However, being paralysed by security and regulatory based concerns is no way of running a business, given that establishing trust with the right people is a key component of being able to pursue your business goals and expand your operations.

With QGen’s comprehensive array of solutions, you will be able to proceed with confidence in growing your client base, safe in the knowledge that your customers and partners have been professionally vetted during the on-boarding process and are being, subsequently, monitored daily.

QGen Solutions:


Save time and reduce the risk of failure with QCheck, our fast and reliable manual and electronic check for natural persons and/or age validation processes.


Get a confirmation in real-time and reduce the risk of fraud even further with QLive, the video-legitimation process.


Through QCorporate, you can put your mind at rest about any legal persons you are planning on conducting business with.


The regulator-approved QScan uses the latest technology to authenticate ID documents.


Need to keep up with what’s happening everywhere? Through QScreen, you can get broad coverage of publicly-available sanction lists, including OFAC, UN, HMT, EU and DFAT.

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