Speak to your customer via a video conference to fulfil your KYC requirement. Get verification in real-time and reduce the risk of fraud even further with QLive.

Our experienced and trained agents will explain the process to your customers, speak to them face-to-face, snap photos of their documents and confirm their identity within moments – all from the comfort of your customer’s home or office, or even while on the move through their phones.

QLive in a nutshell:

Identification and Verification

A clear step-by-step process ending with identification and verification that you can feel confident about. Our checks happen live and any risk is identified immediately. Additionally, we provide the flexibility to customise the checks or documents collected depending on your needs.


This live component can serve as a powerful enhancement to our QCheck and QCorporate packages, leading to an incorporated and holistic solution. No organisation wants to risk being exposed to or involved in fraud or money laundering, much less become an inadvertent funding body for terrorist activity.


Quick results

Human Verification



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