Are you planning an ICO? If the answer is ‘yes’ or ‘soon…’

Why should an ICO carry out KYC checks?
August 28, 2018
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April 15, 2019

.. you might want to know what QGEN is at when it comes to KYC services in the crypto and blockchain space.

Advisory & KYC managed services

QGEN is monitoring legislations (in the making) of the most active jurisdictions in the Crypto sector, namely Malta and Estonia.
QGEN has been actively involved in think tanks and committees which exist for the sole scope of drafting bills and a regulatory framework within which ICOs can be executed.
QGEN is working hand in hand with top crypto exchanges relocating to Malta from UK, Ukraine and Asia (Korea).
QGEN developed and holds full IP of an ICO-specific software solution that helps ICOs carry out KYC checks while on- boarding investors.
QGEN has trained its staff to be proficient in the area to complement the waterfall approach in its full KYC managed service offering (that is, manual verification if automated checks fail).
QGEN can take the role of advisor in ICOs; guiding companies with the latest regulatory requirements.
QGEN is based on the blockchain island of Malta, but boasts a multi-lingual 24×7 set-up that can support ICOs in their quest to attract investors globally.
QGEN has a rota of experienced compliance and technology consultants that have a number of successful ICOs in their resume’.

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