From background checks to fraud monitoring, we keep you, your information and your reputation safe.

QGen is committed to your credibility, security and safety, and when we say we’re in the KYC business, that means we truly want you to ‘know your customer’ through and through. With proven and efficient mechanisms that will allow you to assess your clients in a way that leaves no stone unturned, we are here to keep your business safe by providing risk management and back office solutions.

We’re proud to be able to offer the first truly global KYC solution, which gives you the option of both electronic and document verification that can be used for either individual customers or corporate clients.

Our services are further enhanced with 24/7 fraud monitoring and call centre services, chargeback processing, multilingual customer support functions, along with a wide range of risk-related consultancy services.

Who do we work for?

Our track record speaks for itself. With a team that can boast of decades of experience in both regulated and unregulated markets and compliance and fraud functions, QGen is certainly regarded as an industry leader in the field of identity verification.

Ever since setting up shop, we have helped an international array of clients manage customer due diligence (CDD and EDD) checks for both natural and legal persons in a wide range of sectors.

These include:
• Prepaid card providers
• E-money issuers
• E-commerce platforms
• Issuing and acquiring banks
• High-value goods/services traders
• Insurance companies
• Auditors, accountants, tax and financial advisors
• Real estate agents and brokers

On top of these, however, other industries can also benefit from our software systems, multi-skilled workforce and SOPs which have more than proven their worth in the years we’ve been active.

Ensuring your clients’ peace of mind

The upshot of the dynamic services we have on offer is, quite simply, your peace of mind. What we can guarantee without any ambiguity or hesitation is that you will never, ever be running a leaky ship. Instead, our solutions will ensure you are running in tip-top shape all the way, serene in the knowledge that you are safe while you continue to pursue the business goals you have set for yourself.

With discretion as our watchword and confidentiality as our promise, QGen is here to keep your information safe, and fraud at bay.